Main Controls

On this page, you can find the most commonly used controls in Cascadeur. For a complete list of shortcuts and hotkeys, see the Default Hot Keys page.

Camera Controls

The Viewport window allows you to view scenes from any angle using these controls

 Alt + LMB  Rotate camera
 Alt + RMB  Zoom camera
 Alt + rotate Mouse Wheel
 Alt + hold Mouse Wheel  Pan camera
 Ctrl + Alt  Snap to the nearest axis
 T  Focus camera on the selected object

Selecting Objects

 LMB  Select an object
 Hold LMB and drag  Border select
 LMB double-click  Select an object and all its children


 W  Translate manipulator
 E  Rotate manipulator
 Q  Selector Tool
 ~  Switch between
 Global and Local modes
 V  Hide the selected object
 Alt + V  Make all objects visible

Animation Playback

 D  Next frame
 A  Previous frame
 Shift + A  Next Key Frame
 Shift + D  Previous Key Frame
 X  Play/pause
 Z  First frame


 LMB  Select a frame
 +/-  Add/remove frames
 F  Add/remove a Key Frame
 LMB and drag  Select multiple frames
 Mouse Wheel and drag  Move selected frames
 Shift + Mouse Wheel and drag  Copy selected frames
 Ctrl + T  Stretch/squeeze selected frames (Track Stretching Mode)
 B  Set Bezier Interpolation for the selected frames

Edit Modes

 S  Switch between View Mode and the current edit mode


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