Direction Controllers

Direction Controller elements of a character rig (shown with the silhouette of the character)

Direction Controllers are used for adjusting directions of the body parts to which they are connected.

An example of using Direction Controllers.

Direction Controllers are rendered in the Point ControllerBox Controller and Rigging view modes.


These Direction Controllers should not be confused with Direction Controllers found in the AutoPosing tool, which are used for different purposes.

Directon Controller Settings

A Direction Controller has two sets of settings associated with it on the Object Properties panel:

Limb Direction

This behavior sets another group of parameters for Direction Controllers. Like Limb Direction Data, it too can only be attached to objects of this type.

The length of the Direction Controller. Set to 100 Cascadeur units (which are equal to centimeters) by default.

Is right handed
Inverts the general direction of the controller.
Enabling and disabling this option defines what kind of coordinate system - right- or left-handed - should be used for calculation the spatial orientation of the Direction Controller.

Is active
If this parameter is enabled, the Direction Controller can influence the limb's rotation.
Enabled by default.

Limb Direction Data

This behavior sets various parameters for a Direction Controller it is attached to.

Fix position
If this parameter is enabled, the direction and spatial position of the controller are defined only by its own coordinates (the same that are found in the Direction parameter). The distance from the Point Controller can vary:

However, if it is disabled, the controller's direction is calculated on the basis of the limb's spatial orientation. The distance is always the same.

This parameter can be used for fixing limb rotation in some specific cases. It is disabled by default.

These three values set the spatial orientation of the Direction Controller in the scene.

An angle that show how much does the current position of the direction controller differ from its default position.
The zero value means there is no difference.


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