Track Stretching Mode


This mode is used for adjusting Interpolation Intervals.

Enabling Track Stretching Mode

  • First, select an interval on the Timeline
  • Then, enable Track Stretching Mode by selecting Track stretching mode from the Edit menu, or by pressing Ctrl + T

Working with Track Stretching Mode

Once you enable Track Stretching Mode, the interval you've selected on the Timeline will be marked with a yellow border

Timeline in the Track Stretching Mode

Now you can drag the last frame of the interval to adjust its length.

An example of using Track Stretching Mode to change the length of an animation

When an interval is edited under this mode, every selected key frame moves to keep its position in relation to the length of the interval. This way you can edit the length of a movement while keeping its structure.

Note: Type of interpolation on the adjusted interval will be changed to Fixed

To exit Track Stretching Mode without making adjustments to the selected interval, simply click  anywhere in the program window


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