Are you planning to make a MAC version?
Why does Cascadeur crash when I try to open a scene?
When I import an animation to Cascadeur, I get an error "No animation data to paste. Error in pasting animation or timeline data."
Is it possible to attach a sword or any other object to a character’s hand?
Why autoposing doesn’t work with the UE4 Mannequin?
Can I train autoposing with my own data?
Does Cascadeur support scripting?
Does Cascadeur support importing and exporting animations from third-party software?



What is Cascadeur?
What makes Cascadeur different from other animation software?
For whom Cascadeur is intended?
Are there any released games that were made using Cascadeur?
How will the software evolve in the future?
Where can I follow Cascadeur-related news?
Does Cascadeur support third-party software (Unreal Engine, Unity, Blender etc.)?
For which operating systems is Cascadeur available?
I am new to the world of animation. How hard will it be for me to work in Cascadeur?
How will Cascadeur be distributed?


Physics and Animation

Why are my meshes deformed when exported from Cascadeur?
Characters have wrong scale and/or rotation when imported to Cascadeur
AutoPosing tool twists the character’s limbs
AutoPhysics makes the character jump when I don’t want them to

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