File Structure

This page describes file structure of the Cascadeur application

Main Program Folder

By default, the main program folder is named Cascadeur across all platforms

Note: During installation, you can specify another name for the main folder; in this case, that name will be used instead of the default one

The scenes folder at the root of the main folder contains the sample scenes.

Application Data

Program data is stored in a dedicated folder at the following location:

  • Windows: C:\Users\<user_name>\AppData\Local\Nekki Limited\Cascadeur
  • Ubuntu: /home/<user_name>/.local/share/Nekki Limited\Cascadeur

All of the program settings are stored in several .ini files placed in this directory:

  • Cascadeur.ini contains parameters available for editing through the Settings Window.
  • Cascadeur_service.ini contains internal settings that are normally not available for editing (such as windows' positions, last use files etc.).
  • Hotkey_settings.ini contains the list of hotkeys used in the program.
  • Cascadeur_tools.ini contains settings available on the Scene Settings panel.

This directory also includes a number of subfolders:

  • autosave stores backup save files for recently used scenes. Autosaving is performed automatically, its frequency can be adjusted in Cascadeur's Settings window.
    The files in this folder can be accessed by selecting Open autosave file from the File menu.
  • cache stores cache files.
  • file_preview contains .png images depicting recently used scenes (these images are seen on the splash screen under the Recent Files tab).
  • logs contain program log in the form of a text file.


If these files are deleted, all user settings will be reset (missing files are recreated on starting up the program, but with default settings).


Resources used by the software, such as scripts or shaders, are stored in the main Cascadeur directory, in the Resouces folder:

This folder, in turn, includes several subfolders:

  • autorig_templates is used for the Quick Rigging Tool.
  • scripts is the default folder for storing Python scripts.
  • shaders contains shaders used by the software.

Finally, the settings.ini file contains the ScriptsDir parameter which sets the folder for storing Python scripts.

By default, its value is empty; this means that the aforementioned scripts folder is used.
If you'd like to use a different folder, set a custom value for this parameter.

Crash Dumps

The location of Cascadeur crash dumps depends on your system settings.
By default, the following directory is used:

  • C:\Users\<user_name>\AppData\Local\CrashDumps

If you are using Windows, and crash dumps are not generated, you'll need to enable them manually.
To do this, open Windows Power Shell and run the following commands:

New-Item -Path "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting" -Name "LocalDumps"

New-ItemProperty -Path "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting\LocalDumps" -Name "DumpFolder" -Value "%LOCALAPPDATA%\CrashDumps" -PropertyType "ExpandString"

The commands should be executed as an Administrator.


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