This section contains settings that concern the way Cascadeur application operates.

Adjust Axis System On Import
If this option is enabled, Cascadeur converts the coordinate system when a 3D model is imported to the scene: if the model has the Z axis pointed upward, the system is changed so the Y axis would be up.
Enabled by default.

Apply Euler Filter On Export
If this option is enabled, Cascdeur applies the Euler filter to a 3D model when it is exported to any external format.
Euler filter automatically sets the model’s rotations to the lowest possible values (i.e. 270, 630 or 990 all become -90).
This option is also enabled by default. Disable it only when you run into rotation-related problems when exporting your scenes.

Auto delete logs limit of days
Sets the number of days Cascadeur keeps log files. Older logs are deleted.
By default, this value is set to 30 (meaning logs are kept for 30 days).

Auto delete logs limit of megabytes
Sets the maximum size (in megabytes) for log files. Logs that exceed this size are deleted.
By default, this value is set to 500.

Autosave Dir
Sets the path for a folder used to store autosave files.
Also shows the size of this folder.

Autosave Interval
Sets the time period between autosaves.
Set to 5 by default.

Autosave Number of Saves
Sets the maximum number of autosave files per session.
Set to 3 by default.

Bake Animation
If this option is enabled, animation is baked on export, i.e. every frame of the animation is converted into a keyframe (this is done so animation would look the same in any external software regardless of how this software handles interpolation).
It is enabled by default.

Default workspace
The UI configuration that will be set on startup.
There are three options:
-Classic is the default Cascadeur interface.
-Graph editor shows the Graph Editor tab alongside the Viewport.
-Rigging tools adds the Rigging tools panel to the interface.
By default, the Classic option is used.

Event Log Popup
If this is enabled, messages that are added to the Event Log tab will also be shown at the bottom right corner of the Viewport window.
Enabled by default.

Export Selected Interval
If this is enabled, only the animation on the selected part of the Timeline is exported; the rest of the animation is ignored.
Disabled by default.

Fbx Compatibility Version
The version of the FBX format used for export.
The default version is 2020.

Fbx Unit
Sets units of measurement to be used when exporting the scene to the FBX format.

Fbx Up Axis
Sets the axis that should be considered the up axis when the scene is exported to FBX format.
There are two options: Z and Y. By default, the Y axis is selected.

Import Scene in Separate Folder
If this option is enabled, any imported 3D model is placed into a new folder created for it. Otherwise, it is added to the currently selected folder.
Disabled by default.

Max Ram Usage
The maximum amount of RAM (in megabytes) that Cascadeur can use.
The default value is 6000.

Maximum Lines in Event Log
The maximum number of lines in the Event Log window. When this number is exceeded, older lines are removed.
The default value is 80.

Min Available Os Ram
Sets the maximum amount (in megabytes) of RAM that Cascadeur should use. If this amount is exceeded, the program will try to reduce memory consumption by clearing parts of the command history.
The default value is 500.

Part Clearable History
Sets the part of the command history that should be cleared to reduce memory consumption. The parameter can assume values between 0.0 and 1.0. When the value is 1.0, the whole history is deleted; when it is 0.0, no part of the history is deleted.
The default value is 0.5.

Path Checking Timeout
Sets the maximum amount of time (in milliseconds) that the open file dialog should spend trying to open a file.
Its default value is 2000.

Path to Fbx Synchronization Files
Sets the path to the FBX file used for synchronization (see Synchronization menu).

Pretty Json
If this option is enabled, JSONs stored within .casc files are saved formatted; otherwise, they are saved without formatting. Enabling this option makes JSONs easier to read, but impacts performance (though not by a lot), and somewhat increases loading times.
Disabled by default.

Rig Mode Helper
If this is enabled, various help dialogs (asking if you’d like to switch to the Rig Mode, or do some other rigging-related actions) will be shown when you import an FBX file into the scene.
Enabled by default.

Show Home Screen On Startup
If this option is on, Cascadeur displays the Splash Window (link) every time the program is started.
Enabled by default.

Sets the color scheme for Cascadeur interface.
There are two options: Light (close to the colors of the standard Windows interface) and Dark (darker colors). The latter is used by default.

Sets how often should Cascadeur check the amount of RAM it uses and (should this amount exceed the value set by the Min Available Os Ram parameter) try to clear command history, reducing memory usage.
The default value is 10000.

Triangulate On Import
If this option is enabled, any imported 3D mesh is triangulated i.e. every polygon with more than three vertices is subdivided into a number of triangles.
Some software does not support non-triangle polygons. If you are using such a system, turn this option on (for example, it should be used in the macOS version of Cascadeur).
Disabled by default.

Type Fbx Ascii
If this is enabled, FBX files are stored in the ASCII format, i.e. as text. Otherwise, the binary format is used. Can be used if, for example, you need to export your scene to a software that only supports this ASCII format.
Also disabled by default.

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