Viewport (Settings)

Contains various parameters for the Viewport window.

Sets the intensity of the anti-aliasing effect for the Viewport window.
Set to 4 by default.

Custom Double Click
If this is enabled, Cascadeur uses the system timing for detecting double clicks.
Otherwise, the standard Qt timing is used instead.
Enabled by default.

Controls the field of view (measured in degrees) for the default Viewport camera.
Camera Objects are not affected by this value.
Set to 30 by default.

FPS Color
The color used to render the current frames per second (FPS) number.

Isometric Extent
Sets the far clipping plane (i.e. how far the scene is visible) for Cascadeur scenes in the Isometric view mode.
Its default value is 5000.

Step FOV
Sets the step at which the FOV changes.
By default, it is set to 0.1.

Viewport Maximize On Start
If this is enabled, the program starts with the maximized viewport.
Enabled by default.

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