Export to Daz Studio

Once you’ve finished animating a Daz Studio character, you’d probably want to send this character back to Daz Studio for rendering.

Automatic Export

The easies way to do this is by using the Export to DAZ command.
This command can be found in the Commands menu:

The command only exports the joints and animation - if there is any - attached to them. The mesh(es) are ignored.

Manual Export

The same procedure can also be performed manually:

1. The Root joint (the first joint in the hierarchy) should not use any keyframes or animations. Export_translate_animationExport_rotate_animation and Export_scale_animation should be disabled:

2. The next bone (Hip by default) should only use rotate and translate animations. Scale (Export_scale_animation) should be disabled:

3. Every other joint should only use rotation animation. Export_translate_animation and Export_scale_animation should be disabled:

With this, exported animations should work correctly.


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