What's New

  • Quick Rigging tool for humanoid models - you can now create a simple humanoid rig much faster and with less hassle
  • Simplified Ballistics edit menu and new Ballistic ghosts options - you can now see ghosts of all the ballistic trajectories or only the selected one, but the ballistics in your old scenes will need to be created again
  • Improved Interval Edit mode - now with Linear and Bezier options 
  • Notification of a new version inside the program - as soon as the new version of Cascadeur becomes available, you will see the announcement directly in the program

Fixes and Improvements

  • Login errors with passwords containing certain symbols, such as / or \
  • Crashes when importing a model with more than 128 joints per mesh 
  • Freezes during loop playback 
  • Video export is now working correctly with Visible settings and camera placement
  • The UI is now shown correctly on the small screens
  • The bug with the error “Couldn’t find attribute with name Base Rotation” during rig generation 
  • Crashes when generating a rig with a zero-length rigid body
  • ...and more

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