AutoPhysics Compensation Motion

This section contains a set of parameters for the Compensation Motion part of the AutoPhysics tool.

Compensation Global Weight
Controls how much the algorithm tries to preserve the global coordinates.

Compensation Instant Global Restore
Controls how the algorithm reacts to changing in global coordinates. Increasing this value makes the objects restore their original positions faster, but also makes the animation less stable.
Set to 0.2 by default.

Compensation Instant Local Restore
Same as above, but for local coordinates.

Compensation Interframe Count
The number of sub-frames used to compute the simulation. Increasing this number is recommended when the simulation is distorted.
The default value is 3.

Compensation Interpolation Frame Count
The number of frames the algorithm uses to interpolate the beginning and the end parts of the generated animation so these parts would coincide with the corresponding parts of the original.
Set to 15 by default.

Compensation Local Weight
Same as Compensation global weight, but for local coordinates.

Compensation Translation Factor
Sets the priority for restoring local positions. Weights are multiplied by this value.
Increasing this parameter causes the local positions to be restored faster.

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