1. Create / Delete a keyframe
  2. Change kinematics on the selected keys or the current frame
  3. IK / FK frame modes switch
  4. Mark / Unmark a selected keyframe
  5. Change interpolation on interval
  6. Interpolation modes selection
  7. IK / FK interpolation mode switch
  8. Animation playback controls
  9. Loop animation playback
  10. Play only keyframes
  11. Timeline settings
  12. The number of the first frame of the available part of the timeline
  13. Keyframe (marked by a deeper shade of blue)
  14. Frame with interpolation
  15. The available part of the timeline
  16. The current frame indicator
  17. The last frame of the timeline
  18. Interval edit mode
  19. Fixing interpolation on change
  20. Animation Cycles
  21. Invert frame indicator hotkeys
  22. Current frame time
  23. Animation Tracks
  24. Tools for managing Animation Tracks
  25. Track Stretching Mode

All Timeline controls are also available in the Timeline menu.


Move through the timeline by pressing the  and  hotkeys or by moving the red pointer to the frame you need

Select a frame by left-clicking it. A selected frame is marked with a black border

Select a group of frames by selecting one frame and then moving the black border left or right while holding 

Add or remove frames by pressing the  or  keys. New frames will be added (or removed) at the right of the selected frame


Keyframes (keys for short) store character poses and positions. If you edit a pose in a regular frame, the changes made will not be recorded. To adjust a pose, you have to create a keyframe for it.

Create a new key by selecting a frame and pressing the Add or remove frame button (or the  hotkey)

Create several keys by selecting a group of frames and pressing  + 

Jump between keyframes by pressing  or  while holding 

Move a key (or a group of keys) to a different place on the timeline by selecting and dragging it while holding 

Note #1

If you move a key to a frame that already has another key, this another key will be deleted and replaced by the one you have moved.

Note #2

The first key in the timeline cannot be moved. If you try to move it, its copy will be created instead (this is because a timeline should start with a keyframe).

Copy a key (or a group of keys) by selecting and dragging it to a new frame while holding  + 

Expand or shrink intervals between keys by adding or removing frames


The timeline can be split into Animation Tracks for a more convenient workflow.


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