Selector Tool

Unlike other tools, the Selector tool doesn't have to be enabled and can be used along with any other instrument.

It can be used under any Edit Mode. However, the type of Edit Mode will define what types of objects can be selected.



 Select an object

   x 2

 Select an object and all its child objects

   x 2

 Select an object and all its parent objects


 Add/remove an object from the selection

  Hold  and move

 Select multiple objects at once using a selection frame

   on an empty space

 Cancel the entire selection

Selection Groups

Selected objects can be organized into selection groups, each with its own hotkey. To add objects to a group, select them and then press  + a numeric key ( etc).

Once the objects are grouped, they can be accessed at any time by pressing the corresponding number.

Note: When the selection group is activated, it is added to any other current selection in the scene. The objects that are present in both the group and the current selection, will be deselected in this case.


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