Camera Tool

This section contains parameters for the Camera tool.

Camera Object Dolly Modifier
Sets the default dolly value for the Camera Objects.
Set to 3 by default.

Camera Object Zoom Modifier
Sets the default zoom for the Camera Objects.
Set to 0.15 by default.

Invert Vertical Axis
If this is enabled, the controls for the camera’s vertical position are inverted (i.e. when you move the mouse up, the camera moves down and vice versa).
This does not apply to moving the camera using Manipulators.
Disabled by default.

Sets the offset along the X axis for Sf3Camera objects (a specific type of Camera object).
The default value is 0.

Same, but for the Y axis.
The default value is 200.

Same, but for the Z axis.
The default value is 600.

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