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Key Frames (keys for short) play crucial role in creating animations, as they store character poses and positions. Cascadeur does not allow for editing character pose in a regular frame, as any changes made in a such frame will not be recorded. Before adjusting a pose, you have to create a key frame for it.


Creating Key Frames


Create a new key by selecting a frame and pressing the Add or remove frame button (or the  hot key)

Create several keys by selecting a group of frames and pressing the  hot key while holding 


Editing Key Frames


Move a key to a different place on the timeline by selecting and dragging it while holding 

Note: If you move a key to a frame that already has another key, this another key will be deleted and replaced by the one you have moved

Note: The first key in the timeline cannot be moved. If you try to move it, its copy will be created instead (this is because a timeline should start with a key frame)


Copy a key frame by selecting and dragging it to a new frame while holding the 


You can also move and copy groups of frames. To do this, select a group and move or copy it as you would move or copy a single frame

An intervals between two keys can be made longer or shorter by adding or removing frames




IK and FK



Multiple Keys

Object's motion path (visualized by Trajectory tool) can be altered by placing two keys on the neighbouring frames, as shown on the image below

Minor adjustments to the position of an object cause significant changes in its trajectory



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