Timeline Settings

This is a panel containing various parameters that control how exactly the aimation is played.
It can be accessed by clicking the gear icon at the upper right corner of the Timeline:

Available settings are:


This group of settings controls the speed of playing back animation.

This parameter defines the number of frames per second. Higher values result in more smooth and fluid motions.
The value can be set manually or selected from one of three presets: 2430 and 60 frames per second.

FPS Factor
This parameter is used for making animations more fluid by increasing the number of frames used to interpolate key frames.

This parameter does not affect the speed of animation, only its smoothness. This can be seen as multiplying FPS parameter and the number of every key frame by the FPS Factor value.
The value of this parameter can be selected from three pre-defined numbers (12 or 3), or set manually.


This value is an integer, fractional numbers are not accepted (they are converted to integer numbers if entered).

Time factor
This parameter controls the scale of the animation. If, for example, its value is equal to 0.5, the animation will be two times slower than normal.
The value can be set manually or selected from a preset. Available presets are 1.00.5 and 0.3 with 1.0 being the default value.

This parameter defines how often the FPS indicator is updated.
Its default value is 2 (two updates per second).


This group of parameters defines how frametime is displayed in various parts of the Timeline.

Controls how the current frame time is displayed in the 'Current frame time' field at the top of the Timeline:
Off means time is not shown.
Frames means the number of the current frame is displayed in the field.
Timecode means frametime is used instead.

The current frame time indicator with the Dispaly parameter set to Timecode (left) and Frames (right).

By default, this parameter is set to Timecode.

Controls how the current frame time is displayed in the working area of the Timeline.
Frames means frame numbers are displayed; Timecode means frametime is displayed instead.

Frames on the Timeline with the Timeline parameter set to Frames (left) and  Timecode (right).

This parameter is set to Frames by default.


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