Major Updates

Animation Cycles

Now you can easily create looping animations.

Rigging Updates

Rigging has been reworked significantly:

Now you can create or adjust the character’s rig at any time, even during animation.

Spline IK and Root Constraint have been integrated into Rigging Tool.

Quick Rigging Tool: added Search field.
Quick Rigging Tool now works correctly with straight-lined limbs.

Rigging Tools: selection groups now work with prototype rig elements.

Physics Updates

Secondary Motion feature has been added.

Improved behavior in absence of jumps

AutoPosing Updates

Majorly improved collisions of the character feet with the ground.

Significant improved workflow in cases where there are many blue points (secondary controllers).

Improved parent-child interactions for specific AutoPosing controllers (hands and feet)

AutoPosing now supports Trajectories.

AutoPosing controllers can now be hidden along with the Animation Track containing the corresponding rig elements.

Other Updates

New sample character: Dino.casc.

Timeline: selected intervals, frames and tracks are now included into Undo/Redo lists.

Event log: Messages are now shown in the Viewport.
Event log messages are now color-coded: green means success, yellow is for warnings, red is for errors.
Event log now shows full paths to the imported FBX files
Event log now shows notification when an operation is successfully completed.

Animation reverse feature has been added to the Objects menu.

The folder containing the scene file can now be opened by right-clicking the scene tab and selecting Show in folder from the menu.

Exported video files no longer show the View Cube and other navigation tools.
Exported video files now have default names; these names can also be edited.

Viewport windows can now be switched with Right and Middle Mouse Buttons (previously they could only be switched with the LMB).

AutoPhysics can now work with Interval Edit Mode.

Track Stretching Mode: the color used in this mode can now be customized.

The Track Object With Camera feature is now only applied to the active Viewport window; other windows (if they are present) are ignored.

Text fields can now be de-selected by clicking outside of the field.

Joints can now have custom colors and widths.

Tween Machine updates:

  • New option: Using interpolation physics
  • Relative mode now works correctly
  • Several minor fixes


Disabled Ghosts no longer cause slowdowns in scenes with high frame counts.

Quick Rigging Tool: The Invalid unordered_map key error no longer occurs when the character skeleton does not have toe joints.

Graph Editor: Increased navigation and collision radius for points and tangents.

Unicode support for FBX file paths.

Fixed the issue with importing FBX files from Blender.

Memory consumption optimized; Undo/Redo lists now take less space.

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