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This feature is only available in the Pro and higher versions.

Having a single scene with multiple characters can be taxing on the system. To bypass this problem, there’s an option to link two or more scenes together.

Creating Scene Links

To create a linked scene:

1. Right-click the scene tab

2. Select New linked scene from the menu.

This will create an empty scene.
Any character or object you add to this new scene will also be shown in the original scene:

Several linked scenes with one character in each scene work significantly faster than one scene with the same number of characters.
If you encounter slowdowns and other performance issues, using scene links might be the way to solve these problems.

It should be noted, however, that meshes from the linked scenes will only be visible in the main scene if the Linked scene meshes setting is enabled in the Visible and Selectable menus:

Link Interface

A scene that has links is marked with a blue chain-link symbol:

Meanwhile, a scene linked to another scene is marked with the same symbol, but with different color:

A scene and its links are connected by a blue frame:

Closing linked scenes

A linked scene can be closed by clicking the cross symbol (like a regular scene).

When a regular scene is closed, every scene linked to it is closed as well.

Unlinking scenes

A linked scene can be unlinked:

1. Right-click the linked scene tab.

2. Select Unlink scene from the menu:

This will turn the linked scene into a regular one.

You can also use the Unlink all scenes option from the same menu to unlink every linked scene:

Scene links are saved with the scene files.
If you open a scene that has other scenes linked to it, these other scenes will be opened as well.


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