Workflow Basics

Animation in Cascadeur is made up of keyframes and interpolations between them.

1. Place Keyframes

Keyframes store character poses. To set up a pose, you first need to create a keyframe for it.

Keyframes are created on the Timeline.

2. Set Poses

Poses are set in the Viewport window by adjusting controllers:

Point controllers are used to define the general pose:

Box controllers help to adjust rotations and animate smaller details:

3. Use Edit Modes

Different controllers are visible under different Edit Modes. Using these modes is essential for a quick and efficient animation process.

A character in various edit modes

Controllers are adjusted using Manipulators.

Create a keyframe and set a pose for every crucial point of your animation, and you'll get something like this:

4. Add Interpolations

Transitions between these points can be added by creating interpolation intervals:

By adding interpolations you create a rough animation draft:

5. Further Improvement

This animation draft can be further improved by:

This short description isn't, of course, compendious by any means. The process of creating animation can be as complex as you want it to, and include all kinds of nuances.
Some of these nuances are covered in our Animation Guide.


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