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This example shows character feet pinned to their positions

Character rig in Cascadeur is based on a physical skeleton that enables controllers to influence each other. If, for example, you drag a character’s hand, the whole body follows. But you also can turn this influence off by fixing controllers to their positions.

The following types of objects can be fixed:

Not all AutoPosing controllers are possible to fix. Those that can be fixed though, will also fix the associated Point Controllers and vice versa.

To fix/unfix a controller, select it and press R.

Fixed controllers are colored red in the Viewport.

Fixed controllers can be moved to any position in the scene. This can sometimes cause the character to deform. For example, if you fix controllers in a limb and then move these controllers, the limb will be deformed. When this happens, edges between points change their color. If the points are farther from each other than they should be, the edges are colored red. If the points are too close, the edges are blue.

If you remove fixing from such points, they’ll move to restore default distances between them.


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