Root Constraint

In Cascadeur, root joints are not linked to the rig (as described on the Where to Start page). Because of this, if you try to move the rig, the root will remain in the same place:

So if you are creating an animation that involves root motion, you should use Root Constraint to bind the root to one of the other joints.

1. Switch to the Rigging Mode.

2. Select the root joint.

3. Select the Prototype for joint to which you’d like to bind the root.
Usually it is a pelvis joint, but this may vary depending on the skeleton.

4. Go to the Rigging Tools panel.

5. Open the Main actions panel:

6. In the Root constraint section, click Add:

Now, the root will move along with the joint you’ve binded it to.

Also, a Root constraint object will be added to the scene. It can be selected in the Outliner:

Selecting this object will give you access to the root constraint options:

If this is enabled, the root is binded to the joint you selected.

This parameter can be used for shifting the position of the root.

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