(1) Viewport

The main program window. It shows the loaded scene, which you can edit using any tool the program gives you.

By default, Viewport includes one window. This window can be split into five smaller ones by pressing 

Each one of these smaller windows can be maximized by selecting it with    and pressing . This way you can also restore Viewport to its initial state.

(2) Camera (View Cube)

A scene is viewed through a virtual camera

The Viewcube shows the spatial orientation of the camera and can be used to quickly switch between pre-defined views.
Clicking one of the cones switches the camera to one of the six orthogonal perspectives:

Red - front and back

Blue - right and left

Green - top and bottom

Clicking the cube itself switches projection modes between perspective and isometric.

The lock symbol locks the camera to the current position so it won't be affected by the viewport controls described below.

Hot Keys​

The camera can be controlled by holding the  key:

  •   rotates the camera
  •   zooms the camera in and out; this can also be done by holding  and rotating  
  •   pans the camera
  •  and    switches the plane when you move the mouse
  •  switches camera view to the nearest orthogonal projection


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