Cascadeur rig is a set of controllers attached to joints and used to animate the model.

Rigging then is a process of creating controllers and attaching them to joints.

What do you need to start

In order to create a Cascadeur rig, you need to import a model that has:

  • a set of joints
  • a mesh attached 
  • FBX or DAE format

Note: Cascadeur does not have the functions for creating joints and meshes. You need to make them in another software.


Before rigging, make the following preparations:

  1. Import your model to the scene by selecting File → Import → Add model…
  2. Switch to the Joint Mode - this mode is used for creating rigs
  3. Enable Prototype objects in the Visible and Selectable menus - otherwise, you won’t be able to see and manipulate the prototypes you create
  4. Open the Rigging tool window by selecting Objects —> Rigging tool

Now, you are ready to start rigging your character. 

The process looks like this:

  1. You attach prototype objects to the character’s joints
  2. Cascadeur uses these prototype objects to generate elements of the actual rig

Using Outdated Scenes

You can open scenes from the Closed Beta version in the Open Beta, but due to incompatibilities many elements of the rig won't properly work.

So if you want to use an outdated scene, you'll need to migrate it to the new version.
See Migrating Scenes to learn how to do it.

What's Next?

  • See the Prototype Objects chapter to learn what kinds of prototype objects are there and what purposes they serve
  • See the Rigging Tool chapter to learn what tools you have available for creating prototypes
  • See Rigging Tutorial to learn how prototypes should be placed on the character skeleton
  • Consult the Common Issues page if you encounter any problems


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