What is a Rig

Cascadeur rig is a set of controllers attached to joints and used to animate the model.

To learn more about Cascadeur rig, see Rig Structure.

What Can Be Rigged

Any set of Joints

Rig Mode

Rigging is done in the dedicated Rig Mode. 
In this mode, a set of instruments for creating rigs becomes available.

Quick Rigging Tool
Used for quickly creating humanoid rigs

Rigging Tool
A versatile tool for more complicated tasks. Used for creating arbitrary-structured rigs.

Where To Start

Rigging is a process of creating controllers and attaching them to joints.

Before you can start rigging your character:

1. Import your model to the scene by selecting File → Import Fbx/Dae → Add model or File → Import Fbx/Dae → Scene.
Note: At the moment, Cascadeur does not have functions for creating skinned meshes. You need to prepare them in another software.

2. Switch to the Rigging Mode:

3. Now you should decide what tool you want to use to rig your character

  • If you have a humanoid character, you can use Quick Rigging Tool to create a standard rig for it
  • If you want more control over the process of rigging, use regular Rigging Tool

See Prototype Objects to learn about helper object used to define the structure of the rig

See Advanced Rigging to learn about nuances you might encounter during rigging.


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