Rig Structure

A rig is made up of several components that make character animation possible.

A character with elements of the rig visualized (the rig is shown in the Rigging mode)

An object without a rig can still be animated, but possibilities for its animation are limited. Also, Cascadeur needs a rig to calculate physically correct movements. So, physics tools such as Ballistic Trajectories can only be applied to rigged characters.

Rig Elements

Rigs in Cascadeur consist of several types of elements. Each type serves a particular purpose, and all of them are required for a rig to work correctly.

Prototype Objects

Rig elements are created during the rigging stage by attaching Prototype Objects to the joints.


The way a rig element is renderd and handled within the scene is defined by the behaviors attached to it.
At the moment behaviors are set automatically during rigging; they are only used for finetuning rigs in peculiar ways.

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