Cascadeur is a software for creating character animation without motion capture. Using physics-based approach, it allows for creating expressive and realistic animations for movies and video games. Cascadeur is currently in beta. You can sign up for beta testing on our website.

This manual is intended to help you learn how to use Cascadeur. Here, you can learn what instruments the software offers for animation process, and how they can be put to use.

What’s New in Cascadeur

In the recent version 2020.3b:

For a complete list of changes and improvements, see release notes

Other Sources of Information

FAQ: a collection of answers to common questions and concerns

Forums: there, you can contact other users and the developers

Video Tutorials: step-by-step video guides to key features of Cascadeur


User Manual sections



Getting Started

Interface Guide

How to install Cascadeur and what are system requirements A quick guide to how to start working with Cascadeur A complete overview of Cascadeur user interface


Animation Guide

Rigging Guide

A complete list of instruments for animation process

How to create, edit and refine animations in Cascadeur How to import custom models to Cascadeur, and how to prepare them for animation


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