This feature transfers animation from one rig to another. Unlike Copy Tools, rigs in question do not have to be identical.

Retargeting is controlled by the two items in the Edit menu:

Retargeting copy
Copies the animation from the original rig.

Retargeting paste
Applies the animation to the target rig.

To retarget an animation:

1. Select a frame - or a group of frames - you want to copy.

2. Select any point of the character you’d like to copy animation from.

3. Select Edit → Retargeting copy.
If everything’s all right, you’ll see the Retargeting: Copied message at the corner of the Viewport.

4.Then, select any point of the character you plan to apply the animation to.

5. Select Edit → Retargeting paste.
You should see the Retargeting: Pasted message.
This means that the animation has been successfully applied.


Currently, retargeting only works with character rigs that support AutoPosing.
Also, Point Controller hierarchy should be the same in both rigs.


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