Animation Cycles

Sometimes you might need to create a looping animation.
This can be done in a convenient way: by using Animation Cycles.


Cycles are controlled by a set of buttons on the Timeline:

(1) Create cycle
Clicking this button to create a cycle out of the currently selected interval.

(2) Set cycle inactive frames
Click this button to set an interval on the Timeline to which the cycle will be applied.
The cycle should be a part of the interval.

(3) Remove cycles
Click this button to remove all cycles present in the Timeline.

Working With Cycles

To create a cycle:

1. Select an interval on the Timeline.
This interval should include at least one keyframe.

2. Click the Create cycle button on the Timeline.

The frames you’ve selected will be marked as a cycle. On the Timeline, a cycle is represented with a purple border:

The first and the last frames of the cycle are combined into one, producing a circular motion. This often leads to changes in the trajectory:

Now you can apply this cycle to a longer interval:

3. Select an interval on the Timeline.
This interval should include the cycle you’ve created.

4. Click the Set cycle inactive frames button

The animation in the cycle will be applied to the whole selected interval:

An example of defining a cycle and applying it to an interval.

Cycles can be edited: you can freely add or remove keyframes, move them around and edit character poses on the active part of the cycle.
The inactive part of the cycle will reflect any changes made to the active part.

Track Stretching Mode does not work with cycles.

Currently, cycles cannot be copied. A copied cycle reverts back to a regular interval.

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