Hiding Tool

Cascadeur gives you an option to hide parts of a rigged mesh (such as a character model) provided that they make it inconvenient to work with a particular pose.

This feature is available in the Joint Mode.

To hide an object, select it and press the  key.

Pressing  makes all previously hidden objects visible again.

An example of hiding joints (with corresponding parts of the mesh), point controllers and a mesh

If you, for example, need to hide character’s arms, switch to the Joint Mode, select every bone in the arms and press .

A part of the mesh will disappear. In the Point Controller Mode, however, point controllers for this hidden part will still be visible.

If you want to hide them as well, select them and press  again.

Hiding parts of the characters is only possible in the Joint Mode. However, Mesh Mode can be used to hide entire meshes that compose the character.


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