Fulcrum Motion Cleaning

An animation before (left) and after (right) applying Fulcrum Motion Cleaning. It’s easy to notice how the tool tries to keep fulcrum limbs in one place.

This feature is designed for correcting motion of the character’s fulcrum limbs.

Normally, a fulcrum limb should stay in one place as long as it supports the character. Sometimes, however, this can be difficult to achieve due to how interpolation works in Cascadeur.

A fulcrum limb is a limb with one or more of its Point Controllers recognized as Fulcrum Points. See the Fulcrum Points page to learn how exactly this works.

It is for cases like these that this feature is used.
It works by detecting fulcrum limbs and analyzing the way they move - and then altering the motion by trying to keep the rotation pivot within the fulcrum area.

To apply it, simply click the Fulcrum Motion Cleaning button on the Toolbar:

The tool will automatically detect fulcrum limbs and make necessary adjustments to their positions.

Fulcrum Motion and the Interval Edit Mode

The tool can also work with entire intervals. To do this:

1. Enable Interval Edit Mode:

2. On the Timeline, select an interval.

3. Click the Fulcrum Motion Cleaning button on the Toolbar.

Now, the effect should be applied to every frame you’ve selected.

Fulcrum Motion Settings

The effect of the Fulcrum Motion Cleaning tool can be tuned by using a dedicated group of parameters. These parameters are available in the Settings Window, under the FulcrumMotionCleaning tab:

Fulcrum Point Indent
This value defines the size of the fulcrum area built around a fulcrum point.
When you have a large limb mesh with point controllers not being placed across its surface, it might help to increase this parameter.

Inside fulcrum interval smoothness frame count
This is the number of frames used to interpolate the motion of a fulcrum part of the limb.
Increasing this value can be useful in situations when a limb, for example, leaves the ground too fast.

However, keep in mind that increasing this value above 1 can lead to animation being changed on subsequent uses of the instrument.

Outside fulcrum interval smoothness frame count
The number of frames used to interpolate the motion outside of the fulcrum interval.


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