Mirror Tool

This set of instruments is used for reflecting positions of the selected parts of the character rig to adjust character poses. You can mirror:

Mirror tool Menu

Mirror on current frame

Mirrors the selected controllers on the currently selected frame.

Mirror on interval

Mirrors the selected controllers on the currently selected interval.
The interpolation on this interval is changed to Fixed.

The next four items are used to set the mirror plane.

  • Plane XY (default) - use the plane defined by the X and Y coordinate axes as the mirroring plane.
  • Plane XZ - use the plane defined by the X and Z coordinate axes as the mirroring plane. This is a horizontal plane placed on the ground level.
  • Plane YZ - use the plane defined by the Y and Z coordinate axes as the mirroring plane
  • Set by 3 objects - use coordinates of three selected objects to set the mirroring plane. The objects have to be selected beforehand.

Using Mirror Tools

The way Mirror tools should be used depends on the result you’d like to achieve.

If you want to mirror an object:

1. Go to the Box Controller mode:

2. Select the object.

3. Apply Mirror tool  by selecting Mirror on current frame (for one frame) or Mirror on interval (for an interval) from the Mirror tool menu.

The program will automatically find the object’s counterpart on the other side of the mirror plane and copy its position to the object.

If you want to make two objects to interchange their positions:

1. Select both of the objects.

2. Mirror them as described above.

Take a note of the difference in the outcome.

The third and final way is to manually set how the objects shouild be mirrored.

1. Enable the Point Controller mode:

2. Select the object(s) you'd like to mirror.

3. Select the character's root.
This is necessary for mirroring to work properly.

4. Select the mirroring plane.

5. Mirror the object(s).

Mirroring Issues

Improperly built rig might prevent Mirror Tool from working properly. To prevent issues, during rigging:

  • Set an appropriate Character mirror plane on the Rigging Tool panel
  • Make sure the character model is in a T-pose


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