1. Make sure that joints on the right and left sides include a differential part in their names. Usually, it looks like this:

Name Differential part
Right Limb Left Limb for the right limb for the left limb
R_arm L_arm R_ L_
Right_arm Left_arm Right_ Left_
Arm_r Arm_l _r _l

2. Enter these differential parts in the Original and Mirrored field of the Mirror group tab:


  • Original is intended for the side you are planning to rig manually.
    For example, if you’re creating the left arm, this field should contain the differential part for the joints on the left.
  • Mirrored is for the mirrored limb(s). In our example, it should contain the differential part for the joints on the right.

3. Select rig elements on the one side

4. Select the axis for mirroring

For bipedal characters, the YZ axis is usually a fitting choice.

5. Click the Create mirror object button

Local Joint Position

This option is used when character’s limbs are not entirely symmetrical.

If you need to rig limbs like these without changing their positions:

1. Enable Local joint position:

2. Click Create mirror object:

Cascadeur will try to use joint names to determine joints to which mirrored prototypes should be attached.

Left: mirrored prototypes with default settings. Right: mirrored prototypes with Local joint position enabled

Using Local joint position will prevent Mirror Tools from working correctly. If you are planning to use mirroring in your animation process, using this mode is not recommended.


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