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Main Parts

The user interface of Cascadeur is divided into three main parts:

Viewport (1) shows the loaded scene and allows you to edit it using manipulators

Toolbar (2) contains aforementioned manipulators and other tools for editing scenes and creating animations

Timeline (3) is used for creating animations by setting key frames and interpolation intervals

Additional Elements

The interface also includes several additional elements:

Main Menu (4)

Provides standard tools for creating and managing projects, adjusting program settings etc. Also duplicates most of the functions available in other parts of the interface.

For convenience, tools in the Main Menu are separated into several submenus. To learn more about them, see Main Menu chapter.

Outliner (5)

This panel, located at the right side of the program window, shows the list of the objects in the scene.

Any object in this list can be selected by clicking it with

When you select an object, its parameters are shown in the window below the hierarcical list.

Here, you can see various properties of the selected object and change them if necessary.

Settings (6)

While Outliner panel allows you to edit properties of scene objects, the Settings panel gives you an option to do the same for the entire scene.

It contains several groups of parameters. Some of them define general behavior of the scene, like gravity or the number of frames per second. Others allow for edjusting how Manipulators and other tools operate.

Hot Keys

Almost every function in Cascadeur can be accessed in two ways: by selecting it from the interface or by using a dedicated hot key.

If you place mouse cursor over a button, a tooltip will appear. This tooltip contains a brief description of what the instrument does and a hot key assigned to it.

The complete list of all hot keys can be viewed (and modified) in the Hotkey Editor (available in the Settings menu).

For the list of available hot keys, see the Default Hot Keys page.


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