Graph Editor

This instrument allows you to adjust animation curves for any parameter that can be animated

To access Graph Editor:

1. Select Show/hide graph editor from the View menu:

After this, the Graph Editor window should appear:


(1) The main area.
Here you can see the animation curves that represent the changes that happen to the selected parameters over time.

(2) Channels
This is the list of all available animation channels

(3) Available part of the Timeline
This slider is used to adjust the exact part of the animation that will be shown in the Graph Editor window. Works exactly like the similar slider on the Timeline itself.

(4) Tools for Working with Tangents
A set of instruments for adjusting tangens on the Keyframes.

Using Graph Editor

Selecting Channels

To select an animation channel, click its name in the list:

To add a channel to selection, click its name while holding the Shift key.

Editing Curves

Points on the curves represent keyframes.

These points can be selected by left-clicking them.
You can also add points to selection (or removing selected ones) by left-clicking them while holding Shift.

To deselect selected points, simply click anywhere in the main area.

Selected points can be dragged up and down to change their values.

There’s also an option edit the tangent lines associated with keyframes, as shown on the example below:

To close the Graph Editor, click the cross symbol at the upper right corner of the window:

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