Objects Menu

This menu includes various tools for working with scene objects.

Rigging Tool
Opens the Rigging Tool.

Quick Rigging Tool
Opens the Quick Rigging Tool.

Change namespace

Allows the user to create a namespace for the selected objects.

Add camera
Adds a Camera Object to the scene.

Add cube
Adds a cube mesh to the scene.

Add joint
Creates a zero-length Joint.

Add plane
Adds a plane mesh to the scene.

Bind additional joint
Binds additional parent to the selected Joint.

Set rotation by joint
Sets an object from which the selected Point Controller would receive the directions of the coordinate axes for Manipulators in the Local mode.

Described in greater detail on the Rigging Tool page.

Set additional parent
Creates an additional parent (used for hierarchical selection) for one of the two selected objects.
Two objects should be selected for this feature to work.

After the option is selected, the following window will appear:

In this window, you should select the object that will be used as the additional parent for the other one.

Create edge
Creates an Edge between two selected Point Controllers.

Snap mesh to the center of mass
Attaches the selected Mesh to the selected center of mass.

Center of mass

This set of features is designed for working with Centers of mass.

Create composite
Generates a composite center of mass for two or more selected Centers of mass.

Create from rigids
Generates a Center of mass based on the selected Rigid Bodies.

Connect with dir controllers
Attaches the selected Direction Controllers to the selected Center of Mass.

Using this feature is required for the direction controllers to work properly with the newly created Center of mass.


Options for working with objects’ parents.

Add parent
Allows the user to set one of the two selected objects as a parent for the other.

Remove parent
Disconnects the selected object from its parent.

Delete objects
Removes selected objects from the scene.

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