Point Controllers


The main elements of the rig used for working with characters are Point Controllers. In the Viewport window, they are represented as black dots which you can select and move by using Manipulators.

Each point controller corresponds to a part of the character model. By changing positions of these controllers, you can adjust the pose of the character.

Point Controller elements of a character rig (shown a the silhouette of the character)


To make Point Controllers visible, enable Point controller mode by pressing the corresponding button on the Timeline.


Fixing Point Controllers

Point controllers can be fixed at their positions by pressing R key.

To learn more about fixing controllers, see the dedicated chapter.


Forward and Inverse Kinematics

When you edit a pose in Cascadeur, you don't have to switch between forward and inverse kinematics, as both these modes are supported simultaneously. For example, you can select node controllers on a palm of a character’s hand and drag the hand by its palm - or you can select every node in the hand and move the hand right from the shoulder.


–°haracter rig is physics-based, so if you, for example, drag character’s hand, it will drag the whole body after it.



Stretching and Squeezing


Point controllers are placed at fixed distances between each other. As the program calculates character motion, it tries to keep these distances unchanged, but this is not always attainable. In case distances between controllers are distorted, edges between them change their colors. Stretched edges are marked with the red color, while squeezed are marked blue.

An example of point edges stretched (left) and squeezed (right)


By pressing the F5 key you can reset these lengths to their default values, returning character proportions to normal.


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