This feature predicts poses a character should assume based on user-applied transformations. Using AutoPosing allows for quick generation of character poses



AutoPosing is controlled by the dedicated set of buttons on the Toolbar:


Create tool (1)

Pressing this button will generate AutoPosing controllers for the selected character


Level 0 (2)

Pressing this button disables AutoPosing tool


The next three buttons, Level 1 (3), Level 2 (4) and Level 3 (5), control the complexity of the instrument. Higher level means greater number of AutoPosing controllers:

A character with AutoPosing tool set to Level 1 (left), Level 2 (middle) and Level 3 (right)


These levels can be switched on the fly


Using AutoPosing

Once the tool is enabled, a number of AutoPosing controllers will appear on the character model. In the Viewport window, these controllers are represented as green dots.

When manipulators are applied to AutoPosing controllers, the rest of character's body parts move along with the selected controllers, generating a complete pose automatically.

An example of using AutoPosing


Note: For convenience, we recommend using AutoPosing  in the View Mode


Disabling AutoPosing

AutoPosing controllers can be hidden from view by selecting Level 0 from the panle on the Toolbar.


If you close the scene and then reopen it, the controllers will disappear, so you'll have to re-apply the tool if you'd like to continue using it.


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