Settings Window

This window contains various application settings.

To open it, select Settings window from the Settings menu

The settings are separated into several drop-down lists:

APP - general program settings: autosaving, animation baking, interface theme etc.

AngularMomentumTool - settings for the Angular Momentum instrument.

AutoPosingTool - the color scheme used for the AutoPosing tool

BallisticTrajectoryTool - the appearance of the Ballistic Trajectory tool: colors, line thickness etc.

CAMERA_TOOL - sets the offset for the Camera Tools and defines whether the camera should use world coordinates

Display - display resolution, scale, dpi etc.

FULCRUM_FORCE - settings for fulcrum forces visualizer

Lights - settings for environment lighting

MirrorRiggingTool - defines parameters used for distinguishing left and right limbs; used for the Mirror Create option in the Rigging Tool

Outliner - defines if Prototyoe Objects should be shown in the Outliner window.

ROTATE_MANIPULATOR_SETTINGS - specific settings for the Rotate manipulator

SCENE - settings for the Scene: iterations used for Interpolation, average model size and so on.

SINGLE_FULCRUM_TOOL - sets the color used for marking Fulcrum Points on the Timeline

TEXTURE_MESH_LIGHTS - settings for environment lighting used for rendering textured models

TRANSLATE_MANIPULATOR_SETTINGS - the settings for the Translate manipulator.

Timeline - the color scheme and the general appearance of the Timeline part of the UI

VIEW_PORT - settings for rendering objects in the Viewport window such as antialiasing, field of view, etc.

VISUALIZERS_VISIBLE - settings for enabling and disabling the rendering of various objects and tools in the Viewport window.

Visualizers - color schemes for various parts of the scene

Default Settings

You can restore default settings by either

  • Selecting Set default all settings from the Settings menu
  • Clicking the Reset to default button in the Settings window


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