Rig Structure

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A character with elements of the rig visualized (the rig is shown in the Point Controller mode)

A rig is made up of several components that make character animation possible.

An object without a rig can still be animated, but possibilities for its animation are limited. Also, Cascadeur needs a rig to calculate physically correct movements. So, physics tools such as Ballistic Trajectories can only be applied to rigged characters.

Rig Elements

A rig can include following types of elemets:



Rigid Bodies

Point Controllers

Point Controller Edges

Direction Controllers

Box Controllers

Edit Modes

Controllers are the most important elements of the rig. By manipulating controllers, users can move body parts of a character, changing the pose.

There are several types of controllers, each suited best for a particular task. You can use them by switching between Edit Modes described in the dedicated chapter.


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