Changing Animation's Direction

To alter the direction of an animation:

1. Select every controller in your character.

2. On the Timeline, select every frame you need to rotate.

3. Enable Interval edit mode with fixed pivot.

4. Make sure that the Curve (Settings panel, Interval Edit Mode tab) is set to Step.

5. Select the Rotate manipulator.

6. Now you can rotate the trajectory.

Re-directing Animation at Exact Angle

In some cases you may need to rotate the animation to an exact angle. To do this, follow Steps 1-4 in the previous section and then:

1. Go to the Settings panel.

2. In the Manipulators tab, enable the Fix angle.

3. Set the angle in the field on the right or choose one of the presets.

4. Now, use the Rotate manipulator to change the direction.


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