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A rig is a set of components attached to a character. Rigs in Cascadeur serve two main purposes:

  • First, they allow you to pose and animate characters
  • Second, they allow Cascadeur to calculate how character’s body parts should move to make animation physically accurate

Rigs are comprised of several types of rig elements. See the Rig Structure page to learn what are these elements and how they are used.

If you have a model of a character, and you want to animate it in Cascadeur, you’ll need to:

  • Import it to Cascadeur
  • Create a rig for it

Importing Models

Rigs in Cascadeur are attached to character’s skeleton. For a model to be suitable for rigging, it should consist of the following parts:

  • a Mesh (the model itself)
  • a skeleton - a set of joints attached to the model

Your model should also be presented in a format supported by Cascadeur. Currently, Filmbox (FBX) and Collada (DAE) formats are supported.

Import your model to the scene by selecting File → Import → Add model… from the menu.

After this, the model should appear in the Viewport window.

Creating Rigs

The process of creating a rig consists of two parts:

  • First, you attach prototype objects to the character’s joints
  • Then, Cascadeur uses these prototype objects to generate elements of the actual rig

Before starting to build a rig, make the following preparations:

  • Switch to the Joint Mode - this mode is used for creating rigs
  • Enable Prototype objects in the Visible and Selectable menus - otherwise, you won’t be able to see and manipulate the prototypes you create
  • Open the Rigging tool window by selecting Objects —> Rigging tool

Now, you are ready to start rigging your character. What to do next?

  • See the Prototype Objects chapter to learn what kinds of prototype objects are there and what purposes they serve
  • See the Rigging Tool chapter to learn what tools you have available for creating prototypes
  • See Rigging Tutorial to learn how prototypes should be placed on the character skeleton
  • Consult the Common Issues page if you encounter any problems


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