Cascadeur rig is a set of controllers attached to joints and used to animate the model.

Rigging then is a process of creating controllers and attaching them to joints.

What do you need to start

In order to create a Cascadeur rig, you need to import a model that has:

  • a set of joints
  • a mesh attached 
  • FBX or DAE format

Note: Cascadeur does not have the functions for creating joints and meshes. You need to make them in another software.


Before rigging, make the following preparations:

  1. Import your model to the scene by selecting File → Import → Add model…
  2. Switch to the Joint Mode - this mode is used for creating rigs
  3. Enable Prototype objects in the Visible and Selectable menus - otherwise, you won’t be able to see and manipulate the prototypes you create
  4. Open the Rigging tool window by selecting Objects —> Rigging tool

Now, you are ready to start rigging your character. 

The process looks like this:

  1. You attach prototype objects to the character’s joints
  2. Cascadeur uses these prototype objects to generate elements of the actual rig

What to do next?

  • See the Prototype Objects chapter to learn what kinds of prototype objects are there and what purposes they serve
  • See the Rigging Tool chapter to learn what tools you have available for creating prototypes
  • See Rigging Tutorial to learn how prototypes should be placed on the character skeleton
  • Consult the Common Issues page if you encounter any problems


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