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To make working with scene objects more convenient, the Timeline can be separated into several Animation Tracks. Any scene always includes the main track called Scene. By default, this main track contains every object in the scene. However, it is possible to create additional tracks and move scene objects to them.


Objects on differebt tracks can be animated independently, i.e. each track can contain different sets of key frames and different interpolation settings.




Any track can also include one or several Folders which in turn can store other tracks, organizing the scene into a hierarchical structure. When a folder is closed and tracks inside of it are not visible, frames with Mixed interpolation type are colored magenta.


To see objects contained on a track, select the track by double-clicking it on the Timeline. If you select an object, the track containing it will be selected as well.



Track Controls

  • To add a new track, press the Add track button and enter the name for the track. If you select one or more objects and then create a new track, this track will contain objects that you have selected
  • To add objects to a track, select objects you need, select the track and press the Add objects to track button. Transfering objects to a different track is performed in the same manner: select objects, select track and press the button


  • To move a track, drag it while holding


  • To add a folder to a track, select the track and press the Add folder button. If you drag one track onto another, a folder to store it will be created automatically
  • To merge tracks, select them (by clicking while holding ) and press the Merge tracks button ( hotkey). This way you can remove tracks without losing their content
  • You can also hide and lock tracks by clicking checkboxes near their names. If a track is hidden, objects it contains will not be visible in the scene. If a tracks is locked, you won’t be able to select its object in the viewport


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