How to Rig Non-Warping Objects

Sometimes, a character model includes objects that are attached to the character. This may include certain parts of the outfit (such as shoulder pads, bags/pouches, etc.) or something a character holds in their hands (such as tools or weapons). Objects like these should not warp along with the character's body. However, you still want to be able to animate elements like these.

These objects can be rigged in the usual way. However, after creating proto rig elements for them, you should:

  1. Select the rigid body associated with the objects     
  2. In the Outliner, open the Proto union component panel     
  3. Disable the Bind with parent option

After this, the object will be excluded from Inverse Kinematics simulations (meaning that moving it won't influence the character's body parts). However, Forward Kinematics will still work for it, so it will move along with the body part(s) to which it is attached, and it can be animated using box controllers.


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