Naming Symmetrical Joints

Limbs such as arms and legs are often symmetrical. To use this to our advantage, joints should be properly named.

Note: This should be done before importing your characters to Cascadeur

Names for symmetrical joints shoul include:

  • a name of the joint itself (such as forearm)
  • an index that shows whether the bone is on the left or right side

For example: forearms can be named forearm_left and forearm_right, where "forearm" is the name of the joint, while "_left" and "_right" are indexes for the left and right joint respectively.

See also: Import.

After the character is imported:

1. Select the first joint in the limb

(we are using the left arm in this example)

2. Its name will become selected in the Outliner

3. In this name, find the part that that designates the joint as the one on the left side

For example, if the joint is named “arm_l”, this part is “_l”. If its name is “ArmLeft”, then this part is “Left

4. Enter this part in the left text field on the Rigging tool panel, right below the Mirror create option:

5. Do the same for the right joint. This time, however, enter the text into the right field:


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