How to Use Deep Learning in Character Posing

The SIGGRAPH, which has been held annually in Los Angeles since 1974, is undoubtedly the most important computer graphics congress in the western world. In August 2019 - shortly after the announcement of the closed beta version of Cascadeur - we were invited to present our animation software to the SIGGRAPH visitors! In a 90-minute live animation workshop we demonstrated the functions of Cascadeur as part of the SIGGRAPH Studio event.

Shortly afterwards we were also invited to contribute an article about Cascadeur for the SIGGRAPH online blog. We have decided to take a closer look at the subject of "deep learning" in this article. Cascadeur Chief Producer Evgeniy Dyabin and his team describe how they approached the development of the AutoPosing tool, as well as offer a short tutorial that describes how to use it in Cascadeur.

Although the autoposing tool is currently still in beta, it has been significantly further developed since then and, according to surveys, is one of the most popular features of Cascadeur.

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