Separation and Compensation Principle in Strikes Animation
There is an important principle which allows for any strike animation to be more believable and powerful. This principle was used to make strikes animation in the Shadow Fight game series. Let’s take a look at how it works on an example of several strikes taken directly from our animators guideline.
Cascadeur Early Access V3 introduces Animation Cycles and Secondary Motion
After nearly 5 months of intensive development, software developer Nekki is back with a major update to its character animation software Cascadeur. Released today, Early Access version #3 (codename: 2021.3EA) brings dozens of changes and improvements to previously introduced features. It also comes with two important new tools that have long been on the wish list of beta testers and early adopters.
Insider tips: Four Books that Character Animators should know
Books on animation in general and character animation in particular are plentiful. Especially as a beginner, one is overwhelmed by the number of available works. We asked our experienced 3D character animators what secret book tips they have for ambitious animators. Books that are not dedicated to a specific tool or a particular task, but books that in their opinion belong to the background knowledge of a successful animator. The result is the following four recommendations for you!
Interview: Project Destiny (WIP Indie Game)
Today’s post continues our Indie Interview series and introduces you to the Spanish game creator Jesús and his game "Project Destiny". Jesús has been an active member of our Discord community for quite some time, and regularly posts samples from Project Destiny there, under his nickname "Mist Realms". Since we really like his showcased character animations, and the open-world RPG concept of his game looks also very promising, we asked him for this interview.
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