Cascadeur's New Licensing Structure: Comprehensive FAQ
In line with the release of Cascadeur 2024.1, we've introduced a new licensing structure, transitioning from our previous Cascadeur Basic and Pro options to a more diversified approach, including Cascadeur Free, Indie, and Pro licenses.
To address questions and provide clarity about these changes, we have compiled an FAQ based on inquiries received from our Discord community since the update. This guide aims to ensure all users are well-informed about what the new licensing options entail and how they can benefit from them.

Frequently Asked Questions


0. How can I claim my 2-year free Indie license?
Steps to Claim Your Free Indie License as a Cascadeur Basic User:
Our records automatically identify eligible Basic users, so there's no need for you to submit any additional proof of eligibility

  1. Download and launch Cascadeur 2024.1
  2. Navigate to the Help Menu
  3. Select "Claim Indie License"
  4. If necessary, select "Sync License"

Steps to Claim Your Free Indie License as a Cascadeur Pro User :
Contact our support team and request a manual upgrade

1. Is there a perpetual license option available with the Indie license?
Yes, an upgraded Indie license automatically converts into a perpetual license after the free term of two years, allowing you to continue using the last version released during your subscription period indefinitely, even if you choose not to renew your subscription.

2. What's the expiration date for the free 2-year Indie license upgrade offer?
The offer expires on the 19th of May, giving you two months from the release of Cascadeur 2024.1 to take advantage of this upgrade.

3. Can Pro version users claim the 2-year free Indie license?

  • Cascadeur Pro  Users who registered their account before March 19, 2024, can upgrade once to the free 2-year Indie license until the deadline of May 20, 2024.
  • Pro Users Users who have/had an active Pro License between March 19, 2024 and May 19th 2024 can even claim Indie at any time in the future.

To claim the Indie license please  reach out to our support team for a manual upgrade. There is no automatic clamming option for Pro Users.

4. Will the price increase affect existing subscribers?
No. Your subscription will renew at the original price as long as it remains active. Only if you cancel and later resubscribe will the new price apply.

5. How does the new Indie license differ from the previous Basic version?
The Indie version now includes previously exclusive features to Pro, such as Finger AutoPosing and Layout Customization, removes the 300-frames limit, and eliminates the joints limit.

6. Can users still use older versions of Cascadeur?
Yes, older versions of Cascadeur remain accessible for use.

7. Does the new EULA apply to users of older versions?
Yes, our updated EULA applies to all versions.

8. How can I determine if I'm eligible for the free 2-year Indie license (eg if i dont know the exact date of my account registration)?
Eligibility can be checked through the Help menu in Cascadeur 2024.1 or higher by selecting "Claim Indie License". The server will check your account and tell you if you are qualified for the free Indie update. Note that this option is unavailable if you have an active Pro license.

9. What if I'm on the Pro plan and choose not to claim the 2-year free Indie license immediately?
You have the flexibility to claim the free 2-year Indie license after your Pro subscription expires. Contact our support team to facilitate this transition. Remember, re-subscribing to Pro in the future will be at the then-current rate.

10. Is there a limit to the number of frames I can export with the Indie version?
With Cascadeur 2024.1, we've removed the 300-frame export limit, allowing for unlimited exports. We have also removed the joint limit of the former “Basic” version

11. How long is the 32% discount on Cascadeur Pro (yearly subscription) available?
The 32% discount on the Cascadeur Pro yearly subscription is a permanent offer, providing a significant saving over monthly subscriptions.

12. Can I refund my Yearly Indie version purchase to claim the free 2-year license?
Yes, refunds are possible for those eligible to claim the 2-year Indie license. Please contact our support team for assistance.

13. Can I use versions before 2024.1 to retain animation export capabilities?
Certainly. Older versions can be used, keeping in mind the $100,000/year gross revenue limit for commercial projects.

14. I tregistered my account during the beta phase in 2019 already, but the Indie Claiming Option says, I am not qualified for the free upgrade. What can I do?

Please contact our support team for assistance. Our user database doesn't include accounts that have been registered before the start of the Early Access Phase in 2020. But we will upgrade your account to Cascadeur Indie manually.

Have More Questions?
We hope this FAQ addresses your initial queries about the new licensing structure at Cascadeur. However, we recognize the importance of ongoing dialogue and are eager to respond to additional questions you may have. We invite you to share further inquiries on our Discord channel . We will continue to update this FAQ with new information if necessary.

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