What is Quick Rigging Tool

The Quick rigging tool helps you quickly and easily create rig controllers for humanoid characters.

All you need to do is drag the names of the joints to the corresponding points on the picture, and the tool itself will generate the controllers, choose the correct axis of symmetry, set the weights for the rigid bodies, etc.

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Scene preparation

To create the Rig Controllers, you must first import your model into the program.

  • Select menu File/Import FBX/DAE/Model
  • Select your model or use this scene for a test.
  • After importing your model the program will ask you to enter Rig mode. Click YES
  • After entering the rigging mode the program might offer to activate the Quick rigging tool. Click YES

If the software does not automatically suggest to enter the rig mode, you can do it with this button.

Then turn on the Quick rigging tool.

Also, you can check if your model is suitable for making the rig controllers!

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Templates for standard skeletons

The program already has ready-made templates for many standard skeletons. If the program recognizes a skeleton, all controllers will be assigned automatically.
In this case you will see this message

And all points on the picture will be colored blue
  • In this case you can click the Add rig elements button and finish creating the rig.

Or you can proceed to testing and modifying the finished rig:
- Check the position of the points
- Edit the character's weight
- Add more controllers 
If there is no ready template for your skeleton in the program, you will get a message:

And all or some points in the picture will be colored gray.

In this case, you will need to assign your own joints to create controllers. Follow the further instructions in this tutorial!

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Assignment of the back and head controllers

  • Select the name of the joint from the list. The selected joint will also be highlighted in the viewport.
  • Press the left mouse button and drag the name of the joint to the corresponding point in the picture.
  • The point will be colored blue!

If your character has less joints than the points in the picture, you can skip some dots and leave them unpainted.

The auto posing tool will not work for such characters in the future! Since you need all the basic controllers for auto posing to work.
If your character has more joints than points on the picture, you will need to assign only those joints that best fit the given controllers!
Later you can also create a spline controller for the back.

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Assignment of limb controllers

You can only assign controllers to one side for the arms and legs. The other side can then be mirrored.

  • Drag and drop the names of the joints for the left or right limb to the corresponding points in the picture.
  • If the character has fingers, open the palm tab for the same side and assign controllers to the fingers

You can leave some of the points unpainted in case your skeleton has no joints for the corresponding body parts. However, it is very important to assign joints for the arm and the forearm. The symmetry axis will be determined by these points, so it is impossible to create a rig without these parts.

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Twists are special joints that are responsible for making the meshes look good when certain body parts are rotated. It is not necessary to control the twists in the finished rig, they will rotate automatically!

As a general case, twists can be in the arms and legs, and they look like this:

You can also assign appropriate controllers in a special tab for such twists joints.

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Mirroring in the Quick Rigging Tool


  • Check the designation of the left and right parts for the joints for your model. As a rule, the left and right parts are designated as _L and _R, Left and Right, L. and R. and so on
  • Write in the box Original the name of the side to which you have assigned the points.
  • Write in the Mirrored box the name of other side.
  • Press the Create Mirror Object button. Points on the other side should also be painted blue.

Note! It is important to consider dots, underscores and capital letters in the names for the sides!

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Weapon or other item in hand

If the character has a weapon or other item in its hand, you can assign the weapon's joint to a special slot on the hand.

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Adding Rig Controllers

When all points are assigned, you can generate rig elements.

  • Click the Add rig element button. In the viewport you will see the rig elements on your model.
  • Now you can test the rig by returning to animation mode

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