What is a Center of Mass

The center of mass is the point that represents the mass distribution.

For example: a hammer has a light handler and a heavy iron head. So, the center of mass for the hammer would be closer to the head.

Character rigs in Cascadeur consist of rigid bodies. Every rigid body has its own weight value. On the basis of these rigid bodies, the position of the center of mass is calculated for the character.
As the character’s pose is changing, the center of mass would change as well. Sometimes, the center of mass could even end up outside of the body.

  • Make observations of how changing the character’s pose affects the center of mass.

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When the center of mass is above the fulcrums, the object is in equilibrium!

Many of you probably know funny toys with such levitation effects. Due to the increased weight of its wings, this bird's center of mass is exactly in its beak, so it only needs to touch the surface with the tip of its beak to keep its balance.

And in Cascadeur, you too can take the Center of Mass into account when you set up poses for your character.

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The Center of Mass’s Projection on the Ground

Observing how balanced is the character’s pose can be made more convenient by enabling the projection for the Center of Mass.

  • Click the View Mode icon with the Right Mouse Button.
  • Enable the Center of mass grounder option.

Now, a line will be connecting the Center of Mass to the ground. This line is the projection.
If the projection of the Center of Mass is in a fulcrum area (between the supporting limbs, for example), the pose can be considered balanced.

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