What’s a timeline

You can see and edit frames that make up the animation on the timeline.

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Frames viewing

  • Open the Dracorex_walk_cycle scene. This scene contains the animation of the dinosaur.
  • Click on the frames to select them. The selected frame is marked with a black frame.
  • Drag the red slider over the timeline to quickly move through the frames.
  • You can also move through the frames using  A and D hotkeys

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Animation playback

  • Click the Play button to start playing the animation. By default, the animation will play again each time.
  • Disable the Loop mode in play button to prevent the animation from starting over.
  • Press Z to go to the first frame on the timeline
  • Press X to start animation playback
  • You can also use the player buttons to move through the frames.

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Keys and interpolation frames

There are two different types of frames.

Keyframes or keys are frames in which the character's poses and positions are saved.
Keys are marked dark blue on the timeline.

Interpolation frames are frames in which intermediate poses between the keys are automatically calculated.

In Cascader there are several different types of interpolation, which are marked on the timeline with different colors.
Each type of interpolation will be explained in more detail in the following tutorials.

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Viewing key frames

It is often necessary to quickly switch between keyframes only.


  • Press the blue arrows on the player to switch between keyframes on the timeline.
  • Hold down Shift and press the A and D to switch between keyframes on the timeline.
  • Enable key mode in the playback option and watch the animation

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Restricting work area

The first and last frames of the animation are displayed under the timeline. When there are a lot of frames it is convenient to limit the visible area of the timeline to work with.

  • Double-click on the number on the right of the slider and type in a higher number of frames. For example, 80.
  • Move the edges of the slider to limit the visible area of the timeline.
  • Move the slider itself.
  • Click on the blue buttons on the edges of the slider to quickly expand the workspace to the first and last keyframes

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