What are tracks

You can combine the objects in the scene into a group and create a separate timeline track for this group. This is convenient when there are several characters in the scene or when you need to set different keys and interpolation types for different parts of the body of one character.

Tracks also allow you to quickly highlight different objects or hide them.

One object cannot be located on several tracks simultaneously!

In scenes included with the program, different parts of the characters' bodies are already laid out on different tracks.

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Viewing tracks

  • Open the Chibi Jump scene
  • Click the plus icon next to the track with the name Chibi. This will open the tracks related to the different parts of the character's body.
  • Click on the button at the bottom of the screen to automatically adjust tracks width
  • Click on the plus icons to expand the tracks in the folder.
  • Click on the minus icons to close the folder

If you have different keys and interpolation types on different tracks in a folder, then on the timeline such places on the track of the folder will be marked with pink color!

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Viewing objects on tracks

  • Expand track folders
  • Switch to the point controllers mode.
  • Double-click the track name - objects that are on the corresponding track will be highlighted in the viewport. Also all frames of the track will be selected on the timeline.
  • Select different points in the viewport. Tracks that contain the selected objects will be selected on the timeline

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Creating a new empty track

  • Click on the Scene track name to select all tracks in the folder
  • Click the button to create a new track. A new track will be created in the selected folder!

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Creating a new track with objects

  • Select the points of the character's head in the viewport.
  • Click the button to create a new track
The new track will already include the selected objects! Also, the name of the track will correspond to the first selected object in the hierarchy

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Adding objects to the track

  • Select the character's head points
  • Select a new empty track
  • Click the button to add objects to the selected track
Note that the same objects cannot be on two different tracks at the same time! In this case, because the head points were placed on the new track, the track they were on before became empty!

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Removing a track

Only tracks that do not contain any objects can be deleted!
  • Select an empty track (track Head_jnt_MainPoint)
  • Press remove track button

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Track organization

  • Right-click on a new track to rename it. For example, name the track Head
  • Hold down the left mouse button and drag the track to a new position
  • Drag the track onto the name of another track to create a folder with both of them
  • Select several tracks and click the Merge tracks button to merge them into one track.

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