What are tracks

You can combine the objects in the scene into a group and create a separate timeline track for this group. This is convenient when there are several characters in the scene or when you need to set different keys and interpolation types for different parts of the body of one character. Tracks also allow you to quickly highlight different objects or hide them.

One object cannot be located on several tracks simultaneously!

In scenes included with the program, different parts of the characters' bodies are already laid out on different tracks.

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Exercise 10.1: Viewing tracks

  • Open the Standard Model.casc scene.
  • Expand the Scene and Character tracks in the track menu at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Double-click on the tracks - objects in these tracks will be highlighted in the viewport.
  • Check the box under the eye icon to hide the track in the viewport.

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Exercise 10.2: Creating new track

  • Select three point controllers of the right palm
  • Click on the Add track button
  • Enter a name for the new track. For example, Hand_R. Try to give the tracks names which you can easily navigate.
  • To rename the created track, click on it with the RMB.

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Exercise 10.3: Organizing tracks

  • Select the track created in the previous exercise
  • Hold LMB and drag the track into the Arms folder
  • Hold LMB and drag your track onto an existing Arm_R track to combine them into a folder.
  • Select the Arm_R and your created Hand_R tracks and press the Merge tracks button to merge them into one.

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