What’s a timeline

You can see and edit frames that make up the animation on the timeline.

The basis of the entire animation is keyframes or keys. They contain the poses set by the animator.

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Exercise: 6.1 Frames viewing

  • Open the Chibi_jump-01_keyframes.casc scene to complete the following tasks.
  • View the available frames by clicking on them with  LMB or by moving the current frame indicator above the timeline.

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Exercise 6.2: Mixed keyframes

These are the main poses of the "jump in place" animation. For each pose, there is a key on the timeline. The keys are dark blue.

  • Several keyframes of the motion are mixed up, find them. The correct sequence of movements is illustrated in the picture.

  • To drag keys, select the key and hold down the scroll wheel. Swap the mixed up keys.
       Caution: if you move one key to another, the key will be replaced with a new one!

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Exercise 6.3: Frames copying

In the end, the character should assume the same pose as in the beginning. Therefore, this key can simply be copied.

  • Select a key in frame 0.
  • Hold Shift + scroll button to copy the key into the final frame of the animation.

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Exercise 6.4: Restricting work area

The first and last frames of the animation are displayed under the timeline. When there are a lot of frames it is convenient to limit the visible area of the timeline to work with.

  • Double-click on the number on the right of the slider and type in a higher number of frames. For example, 84.
  • Move the edges of the slider to limit the visible area of the timeline.
  • Move the slider itself.

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Exercise 6.5: Groups of frames

You can move and copy entire groups of frames. Let's make another jump like that!

  • Make frames 0 to 84 visible on your timeline
  • Select 0 frame, hold LMB and drag the mouse to make a black frame.
  • Select frames 0 - 42 with this black frame. The number of selected frames will be displayed on the right.
  • Hold Shift + scroll button and copy the selected interval to frames 42 - 84.

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Exercise 6.6: Stretching and squeezing the interval

  • Choose a frame interval from 42 to 84
  • Hold Ctrl + T
  • Hold the mouse wheel and drag the interval to the right, stretching or squeezing it.
  • Release the mouse wheel

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Exercise 6.7: Creating and deleting keyframes

By creating new keys and changing the poses in them, you create an animation. The button for creating and deleting keys is located on the toolbar above the timeline.

  • Go to one of the empty frames and create a new key (F). In the new key, the pose will be the same as in the previous key.
  • Change the pose in the created key. For example, let a character raise his hands.

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